Ruvento Seed II fund launched its second fund in Q1 2016

SINGAPORE, July 1, 2016 — Ruvento Seed II fund launched in Q1 2016 the close of its second fund. Hardware and AI (artificial intelligence) start-ups are the top priority for investment in 2016, whilst the first fund had a broader scope & invested in big data, interactive digital media as well as consumer electronics. The new fund caters to pre-seed and seed stages of the business, with investment ranging between $50,000 and $500,000 US Dollars respectively. Ruvento is a partner of Spring Singapore allowing dollar-to-dollar investment up 2M SG Dollars per project

Ruvento will take a big step forward into India’s startup

The world’s second – fastest – growing economy and Asia’s third – largest economy, has a digital economy is on an upswing.

India’s venture investors and entrepreneurs have the patience and risk appetite for the next new thing. And now they have a big opportunity for that with GSF Accelerator, in partnership with some 30 other investors including Dave McClure’s 500 startups and Ruvento. 

Why China?

If China can transform itself from an impoverished country to a world superpower in 20 years…

…. imagine where they will be in another 50 years.

Undoubtedly, the general business environment in China is very inviting. This can be explained from different aspects of economic aggregate, growth rate, consumption capacity, and infrastructure, etc.