Why China?

If China can transform itself from an impoverished country to a world superpower in 20 years…

…. imagine where they will be in another 50 years.

Undoubtedly, the general business environment in China is very inviting. This can be explained from different aspects of economic aggregate, growth rate, consumption capacity, and infrastructure, etc.

China economy is the world’s biggest economy (by trade balance)

The economy of China is the second largest in the world after that of the United States with a GDP of $7.29 trillion (2011) when measured on purchasing power parity (PPP) basis.

The Chinese economy is considered by many to be the ultimate investment opportunity, for it offers a market of up to 1.3 billion possible consumers. China is one of the biggest countries in production and consumption covering almost every industries and products.

China is the world’s largest online population

China has come online extremely quickly in recent years. Today, one in five Internet users are Chinese — that’s half a billion people. And while growth has evened out since 2007, it shows no sign of stopping.

Social media is exploding worldwide, and China is leading the way.

Social media is now the fastest growing and hottest topic in China’s IT and business worlds. Some of the major western social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are blocked behind the Great Firewall of China, but their local alternatives dominate the landscape. The biggest social platforms in China – Renren.com (the Facebook of China), QZone (the MySpace of China) and Sina Weibo (a microblog).

China has a staggering 930 million mobile users

China has a staggering 930 million mobile users. China Mobile is the leading service provider with 628 million users.

It’s main mobile competitor, China Unicom, had total earning for the same period of RMB 101 billion.

China Telecom, the service provider for all mainlines, had total earnings of RMB 120.1 billion (does not include new phone initial installation charges).

China’s population of Internet users, already the world’s biggest, has risen to 538 million, driven by rapid growth in wireless Web surfing.